Weird Human hybrid skeletons including a winged fairy and a Horned Dwarf found in an old Mansion in London formerly owned by Thomas Merrylin. Are they real or fake?

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Here is a description and the comments from the Youtube video by Whatevver Videos:

Published on May 18, 2016

Back in 1960 a demolition crew was tasked with clearing and pulling down a long-abandoned mansion formerly owned by a gentleman called Thomas Merrylin. A new modern residential quarter would take its place once the original building and its foundations had been removed.

Thomas Merrylin was born into an aristocratic family in London in 1782. Later becoming a highly respected Crypto-naturalist, Fringe Zoologist and Xeno-Archeologist. To say he a fascination with the dead and unusual is putting it mildly.

But before the demolition could begin, builders ventured into the property one last time. Deep down in the basement, they discovered one of the strangest collection of items in recent history.

Tucked away inside the dusty basement were several thousand small wooden boxes, each tightly sealed. One by one, each box revealed the remains and bodies of all kinds of creepy monsters and supernatural beings that seemed to exist only in the darkest of fairy tales.

Merlin’s passion for esoteric natural history had seem him travel to some of the most unusual and strangest corners of the world searching for and documenting odd artifacts and unknown species of animals and plants.

Was he able to bring some of his discoveries back home? Did his travels inspire him create his own monsters? Or was it all just some kind of elaborate prank designed to shock and awe the public after his death?

To this day, there has been nothing more than speculation and conjecture over Merlin’s true motivations. However, there is no denying it remains one of the most unusual and interesting discoveries in London’s recent history.

Mozart Wolfgang

Great workmanship on those creatures. Looks so realistic. “Elisie and Frances Fool the World,” a book written by Mary Losure, claimed that her 8 years-old has seen fairies in the back yard creeks in London. These incredible skeletons of bizarre creatures scriptures were found in London basement. There are demons and majestic creatures man cannot digest. This could be a big find.
Lottie Denton

That was Dobby the house elf
DV 8


Near Bismark North Dakota, Lewis & Clark meet a One-eyed Giant Indian Chief who Tried rubbing the black off of a Black Man. The French called the Giant Le Borgne, Demon, Tyrant & Monster. Explorers & Giants Part 1

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Watercolor 1908 painting entitled 'YORK' of Le Borgne, the one-eyed giant Minnetaree Chief trying to rub the black off of York, a black man with Lewis & Clark.  The Painter may have only read Lewis & Clark's Journal.  The French described him as a one-eyed giant monster. Watercolor 1908 painting entitled ‘YORK’ of Le Borgne, the one-eyed giant Minnetaree Chief trying to rub the black off of York, a black man with Lewis & Clark. The Painter may have only read Lewis & Clark’s Journal. The French described him as a one-eyed giant monster.

[Journal date entry–Springtime]  The morning cloudy and cool, the wind from the north. the grand chief of the Minnetarees, who is called by the French Le Borgne, from having but one eye, came down for the first time to the fort. He was received with much attention, two guns being fired in honor of his arrival; the curiosities were exhibited to him, and as he said that he had not received the presents which we had sent to him on his arrival, we again gave him a flag, a medal, shirt, arm-braces, and the presents usual on such occasions, with all which he…

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Spielberg Wows Cannes with New Disney Movie “BFG” about good and bad Giants

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Drudge Report made BFG, which stands for Big Friendly Giant, the big news headline the weekend after the May 2016 Friday the 13th.  Let’s hope Stevie Film Wonder Spielberg makes a movie about his Jewish Ancestry, i.e. Caleb, Moses, Joshua, defeating and chasing Giants around the globe while taking over the Holy Land after Egyptian slavery and before that, a world of giants and hybrids before Noah’s Flood.


Ancient Petra with Massive Doors & Steps Likely built by Giants & Dwarfs. Amazing video of the beautiful Siq shown. Bible Scholars say Jesus returns there. Famous Movies Tranformers & Indiana Jones Filmed there.

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New York Times in 1932 Reports the Find of a Giant Human Skeleton in Israel, then called Palestine, near Haifa Israel in a Cave.

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The article is copyrighted and not quite in the public domain so I will quote part of it here [brackets mine]:

The men [whose skeletons were found in Israel] were a race of giants contemporary with the Neanderthal men [also often giants and dwarfs] of Europe. They differed from all other prehistoric men in their long limbs, jutting chins and in the enormous, awning-like ridges over their eyes.



The Legend of Paea The Giant of the Cook Islands video. A woman descended from the Giant Warrior tells the story of his wife who killed him for his philandering and shows his massive grave.

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Here is the story written out as told by a female ancestor of the giant Paea of the Cooke Islands in the Pacific Ocean.

Paea The Giant:  Puta’i Kairae

This is the grave of an ancestor of mine called Paea. That rock marks where his head is. the small rock marks where his feet are. These two calcite rocks mark the length of his grave. He was a giant.  You can believe it or not. This man lived on this side of the island in the district of Tukume. He liked to go fishing via the route of Anua. There is a chestnut tree there, which he liked to lean on when he returned from his fishing trips.  you can see that the branch he leaned on was very high.  However, this story is not commonly told because the people of the island are ashamed about the way in which he died. He was killed by his wife. He died by a woman’s hand although he was a warrior. This was a shameful thing. So, everyone,  I am saying that women, since ancient times, have always been capable of asserting themselves. Some will say that women only acquired this confidence in modern times, that they learned it.  I say they have always had it. This man was a warrior yet he was defeated by a woman. Like some men of today, Paea was a philanderer.  Although he is an ancestor of mine. , I am not ashamed to talk about his life. His adultery caused his wife a lot of heartache. One day she went to a taunga, shaman, to ask him for a way to end her pain. He told her what to do. One day she let her husband rest his head on her lap while she took lice out of his hair.  He fell into a deep sleep. She picked up a tui, a short sharp weapon, and she stabbed him under the jaw.  That is why he died. A woman killed him. This is the short story of this place.  As I said previously if you accept that he was a giant then you can, if not, you don’t have to.

Wow this story has some similarities to Judith killing and beheading the giant Holofernes in the Apocryphal Bible book The Book of Judith.  You go girls.  What’s wrong with being confident?  Maybe Demi Lovato descended from the wife of the giant Paea?



Exorcist Bob Larson, who is likely a New Testament Apostle emphasizing setting people free, claims to have exorcised demons who called themselves spirits of the Nephilim although he still believes demons are fallen angels. He answers more questions about Nephilim hybrids, i.e. Giants. Zamzummim agrees & disagrees with some answers.

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Here are the questions and some other details from the Youtube site:

Published on Jul 26, 2015

Ann from Tennessee asks: “Are you able to see demons and angels in the spirit realm? Are evil spirits dead giants? Please distinguish between demons, evil spirits, fallen angels, and Nephilim. Do you think the blood/DNA of the dead giants has been passed on to existing human beings today? Did fallen angels actually physically mate with women to produce the race of giants? Do you think that God created other beings besides Adam and Eve that were not birthed from Adam and Eve?”

The supernatural realm is a topic of much speculation, particularly with regards to the origin of evil spirits and their activity among human. Who were the Nephilim? Did the giants of the Bible pass on DNA to humans today? Did fallen angels mate with humans? Are there beings not birthed by Adam and Eve?

Bob Larson, The REAL Exorcist, answers your questions regarding demons and exorcism.

Each week, Bob Larson holds seminars in the U. S. and internationally. Details of upcoming events are available at

Be sure to subscribe to this channel. New exorcism videos are added frequently!

Here is the video in its entirety:

Here is Bob Larson doing exorcisms on a young woman with a soul-tie blood sacrifice Haitian curse:


Critique coming soon


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