Real Naked Menehune Dwarf Pygmie Leprachaun Elf with a club filmed in Sumatra Indonesia from motocross bikers. According to legends, these creatures are dangerous and similar to Nephilim giants

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Mystery as small human-like creature is spotted scurrying from bushes in Indonesia… so can you tell what it is? 

The strange creature was spotted in Banda Aceh, on the northern tip of Sumatra. It appeared to be naked and ran down a dirt track carrying a large stick. After being chased it disappeared into a bush. Since it was released, the video has been watched by more than two million. A social media viewer suggested the figure looked like Gollum from the Lord of the Rings.

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Photographic Evidence of Nephilim Skeletons in North America. Short Video by Fritz Zimmerman, giant expert. One image shows a very large skull near the roots of a tree in a mound.

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Divine Council Intro & Worldview short videos with Dr. Heiser. The Divine Council Motif of the Bible, which includes Nephilim Giants & their origin, likely supersedes Dispensationalism or Covenant Theology (zamzummim is Dispensational because decades of research finds little to no Biblical support for the covenants of Covenant Theology)

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i24 News from Haifa Israel takes a video tour to the Valley of Elah where David fought the giant Goliath

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“A Large Number of human skeletons,” All Giants ranging from Eight feet or taller found on an Indiana Farm in a Mound per 1903 Kansas Newspaper

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Prehistoric graveyard of creepy dwarfs and one giant found near St. Joseph Missouri per 1899 Topeka Newspaper. Skeletons described as “brutes, human but in humane…savages of a lower order.”

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A living cyclops in Oregon in the late 1800s: A Nez Perce child with one eye in the center of his forehead per 1989 Yakima Newspaper

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