Satanic-like Horned Skulls Amongst 68 Giant Nephilim Skeletons Averaging 7 Ft–many larger–Found Near Athens PA per Leavenworth WA 1916 Newspaper. Giant Battleaxes also found.

Hornedskull battleaxe


Numerous giant skeletons, some with horns on their heads?   Wow, imagine several eight feet guys and a few gals approaching you with horns on their heads resembling Satan in horror movies carrying massive battleaxes.  It is no longer the stuff of fiction.  It happened at one time hundreds or thousands of years ago in North America in present day Pennsylvania.  We learned earlier ‘America’ as the land of Amaru may mean the land of Satan and these horned-headed giants help confirm this theory.  Worse yet, these giant Nephilim souls may still be roaming the earth as demons bossed over by fallen angels inhabiting bodies or looking for bodies to inhabit including bodies of Christians and making them think or teach demons can’t invade Christians.

This 1916 newspaper article alone destroys the evolution theory and makes even the most difficult verses of the Bible to easily become believable.   Evolution is a trillion dollar sham to encourage young attractive women to become immoral or trophy wives for anti-Bible or false-doctrine bad boys and to try and evolve Satan back to his glory days of being Lucifer.  Satan and the other fallen cosmic beings who created these giants will not win.   Jesus will return first in a rapture (already deceived via new age spiritual evolution lies) to get his people off this creepy demon-infested planet and then in glory to finish the Armageddon Campaign to rule and reign on earth for 1000 years from Jerusalem near Mount Hermon where all this nighmarish genetic manipulation started to create hybrids like giants, some even with horns on their heads.

And Where did the Skeletons go?  Why are they missing?  Who is hiding them?  Who destroyed them?  Will they be re-displayed as humun-ET hybrids someday after a major UFO event?  The suppression of this history—it should be in thousands of textbooks—and the hiding of the skeletons is almost as bizarre as the finding of the strange skeletons and artifacts.   But what do you expect in a world that is growing in hatred against the Bible, Jesus and his followers.  Jesus predicted this before his return and he also said it will be like the days of Noah which may mean the return of horned-headed giants.



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