Roman Emperor Maximinus Thrax was 8-9 Feet Tall, wore his wife’s bracelet as a Thumb Ring, Punched the Teeth out of a horse, ate 40 lbs of Meat & drank 5 gallons of Wine per day

From an Encyclopedia with a Section on Giants:


The Emperor Maximus, so the story goes, was about eight or nine feet tall and of great bulk.  He was in the habit of using his wife’s bracelet for a thumb-ring.  His shoe was a foot longer than that of any other man and his strength was so great that he was able to draw a carriage which two oxen could not move.  He could strike out a horse’s teeth with one blow of his fist and break its thigh with a kick.  He generally ate 40 pounds of meat every day and drank six gallons of wine.

Wikipedia on Maximus Thrax (also knows as Maximus):


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