Partial Fabrication: Pre-Flood Nephilim Skeleton Found 173 Feet Deep past a Petrified Forest with Hieroglyphics & Extinct Animal Images (Dinosaurs?) in Needles CA per 1883 & 1891 Tombstone AZ Newspaper


Shortly after finding this newspaper article, I learned that there really was a giant skeleton find but it was elsewhere and not as deep.  Who did this partial fabrication:  An over excited Christian or someone with malicious purposes against Judeo-Christianity or simply a word of mouth exaggeration?   If you think about it, if it was a pre-flood world Nephilim, then why wasn’t it found within the so-called petrified forest?  The screenshot of the similar giant skeletal find will be added soon.  Unfortunately, this partial fabricated story hurts this type of research and makes other finds less believable, especially since it is hard to find the actual skeletons or artifacts.  Clearly this is part of the conspiracy.

Google Search for Atlantic & Pacific Road Needles

California: Barstow to Needles – Route 66 Postcards and More

The SP also laid tracks from the town of Mojave across the desert to Needles in 1883 where the SP met the Atlantic & Pacific Railroad that built west from 

Just a Coincidence but on the same Newspaper page as the Giant Find is a Church notice about a Sermon for kids about giants

~ by zamzummim on August 23, 2013.

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