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Protected: Giant Bible Verse #5 In Depth: Numbers 13:33 “We saw the Nephilim [Giants]…We seemed like grasshoppers…” [NIV]

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Wrath of the Titans: Movie Trailers & Links to purchase online or for download with emphasis on the 30+ Foot Tall Cyclops Monsters who may have been real. 30 Foot Skeletons have been found in Mexico & Europe & Giants of this size are supported in the Bible & are needed to build giant Megaliths

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Zamzummim, an onomatopoeia to describe the Giants who used to live in the Present day Ammon Jordan area. They apparently made an otherwordly buzzing rumbling sound when they talked

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Giant Living Savages Kill 30 people of a US expedition to Lake Rudolph, now called Lake Turkana, in Kenya Africa per New York 1901 Newspaper

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Three Large Indians Skeletons, one 7.5 Feet Tall, Found in a cave South East of Columbus Ohio per Lancaster OH 1927 Newspaper. The Skeletons were put on display just South of Lancaster

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A Doctor & a State Librarian Find Giant Indian Skeletons near New Cumberland PA & archeologists find artifacts of a hill-dwelling Iroquois-related tribe near Kane PA per Harrisburg PA 1928 Newspaper

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Protected: US Churches over-emphasize Worship & Christian Music. Jesus didn’t sing or play the harp all the time. Giants would have killed all the Jews had they focused on Music. Spiritual Warfare, true doctrine, Scripture memorization, the Gifts of the Holy Spirit & even apologetics are more important.

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