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Large Cyclops Skeleton Discovered in Sand Mound in Buzzard’s Bay MA in 1891 by a famous Actor on his summer property near President Cleveland’s. Edwin Booth, famous Shakespearian Actor & brother of John Wilkes Booth who killed Lincoln, was visiting and later both Booths re-enacted Hamlet with the Cyclops Skull. Presidents Cleveland and Lincoln had to know.

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Bob Larson Does Exorcism on Pretty Ukrainian Mother, a new believer. Demons only speak Ukrainian suggesting they are not fallen angels but probably souls of Giants & other hybrids. All fallen angels probably know English & dozens of other languages

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Massive Cave with two Giant Skeletons, a male & female both over 7.5 Feet Tall Found East of Chehalis WA per San Juan 1901 Newspaper. Underground Lake with strange petrified boats also found.

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Troll Blood Historical Fiction Trilogy based on Native American & Viking Legend & Lore which includes a Cannibal Giant or Troll named Jenu

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Grouse Hunter Finds Cave between Butte MT & Boise ID with Heiroglyphics & an Amazing Silver-colored drawing of a man with a real flame from it’s mouth & nearby was a Giant Skeleton at least Nine Feet High per 1882 Vancouver WA Newpaper

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Stanford University Professor Unearths Several giant skeletons near San Francisco per 1913 Newspaper. A Race of Giants were believed to have inhabited the entire Peninsula there.

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Exorcist Bob Larson battles a Jezebel demon from an African blood covenant. Is the Jezebel demon a fallen angel or the soul of a giant or other hybrid & female? Since most women in America embrace anti-male feminism, most probably have Jezebel demons, and sadly it may even be moreso in the Church. Jezebel spirits & Giants Part 1

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