Channeling Spirit disguised as an Extraterrestrial–really an Evil Spirit (probably a fallen angel)—praises the Nephilim, bashes white males & Judeo-Christianity, and helps deceive the pre-trib rapture via Gaia Mother Earth. Their 2012 date forecast failed.

We Pleiadians like to refer to those forces as The World Management Team, first named through channel Barbara Marciniak, and as far as I, Satya, can ascertain as I read your vibrations, these forces are directed on earth by the Annunaki, the Nephilim of the bible, which means in Hebrew, “gods who came down to earth.”  These annunaki / nephilim are the ones who established the extensive and deeply ingrained management system–The Net—at zero point.

For a gilded and engraved party invitation, you still have time to challenge your inner belief systems about these great gods.  Nobody with residual [Bilbical monotheistic] “GOD” poison gets an invitation to the cosmic party in 2012.  To exercise these lords, you must integrate the stellar intelligence of Gaia.  Gaia does not resonate with superior and separated white male gods.  She quakes and belches vomits in response to their oppression.


~ by zamzummim on October 27, 2013.

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