Giants of Breitenwinner Cave – 2013 YouTube video of US Military Men exploring the Cave showing many bones, some petrified, some large, some in clay material with copper relics like in US mounds. In 1535 an Explorer said the cave was full of the bones of Giants.

From youtube

Published on Oct  8, 2013

This video is documentation of a recent exploration of Breitenwinner Cave in Bavaria.  It shows a mass grave of bones, many of them being of enormous size.  In 1535 Berthold Buchner explored this cave with 25 others and discovered: “All the caves and passages were full of big (humanoid) bones”, “bones were very large as if from giants”, and “a skull bigger than we had ever seen before.”.  This recent exploration seems to verify these claims.  It is the goal of the Breitenwinner Cave Project to have this cave properly examined.  Though it may certainly contain the bones of giant humanoids, it may also contain the bones of allied forces captured by the Germans during World War II.  It is close proximity to a former prisoner of war camp.  It is currently located in a live-fire range for the training of NATO and other forces, and is being completely ignored by the world.  More information can be found at


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