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We Found the Nephilim: Nephilim Expert L.A. Marzulli on the Sid Roth Christian TV show

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“Giant Skeletons are Uncovered in Florida” in a Mound similar to ones all over the state on an Island near Tampa per 1927 Newspaper. Bones Were sent to the Smithsonian but are now lost or hidden.

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Ohio Giant Eight Plus Foot skeleton found had two full upper rows of teeth per 100 plus year old Ohio Newspaper. Many Giant Skulls throughout the USA had two rows of teeth.

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Holiness Pentecostals forbid their members to read the Book of Enoch about fallen cosmic beings mating with attractive earth women resulting in giant offspring. Apostate former member who personally knows Joel Olsteen’s dad and Kenneth Hagin’s son tells zamzummim author. Jesus’ brother Jude quoted the book of Enoch

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Three Living Eight Foot Giants Discovered in China by a Major of the Army Medical Corps per 1914 St. Paul MN Newspaper. One of them had a strange Deep Bass Voice Maybe like the Zamzummim. Many women in the same area were bald

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Large Seven Foot Prehistoric Human Skeleton with Bead Necklace & Belt Unearthed near Dillon Montana per Butte MT 1903 Newspaper

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