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Giant Nephilim Petrified Skeleton WITH HORNS Unearthed Near Knoxville TN per 1921 Red Cloud, NE Newspaper. Probably a Jewelry Wearing Mummified Female & was on Display for Thousands

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1825 UK Newspaper says a 20+ foot skeleton was dug up at Beavis Hill in England near Southhampton only 40 miles from Stonehenge adding proof giants probably built these megaliths there and worldwide.

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Real Satan-look-a-like Skeleton found in Wheeling WV Part B: Stalky 4 foot dwarf skeleton with Horns and tail was sent to Chicago for Classification per 1917 newspaper

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15 Minute video clip of Chuck Missler talking about Giants / Nephilim

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200 Giant Skeletons (8 Ft or taller) Found in Mexico: Part B. Found Near Puerto Vallarta. Molars in Skulls were big enough to crack Coconuts

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Evangelist Perry Stone video on Giants, Fallen Angels and Evil Spirits (Demons) He agrees with Zamzummim

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Satanic-like Horned Skulls Amongst 68 Giant Nephilim Skeletons Averaging 7 Ft–many larger–Found Near Athens PA per Leavenworth WA 1916 Newspaper. Giant Battleaxes also found.

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