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Massive Stone Boxes of Egypt likely made by Giants

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Thieves Steal Real “Bona-fide” 9 Foot Giant Mummy and sell it in Memphis TN where it was on display for some time per Cincinnati OH 1894 Newspaper. Thieves had lots of money, became drunk and were murdered.

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33 inch Dwarf Adult Mummy & Warrior Mummy found in Cliff Dweller Residence in NE Arizona by a Reverend & Archeologist per 1903 NY Times. Like Yoda of Star Wars, Dwarfs are often considered the Wise Men of Tribes but they are probably fallen angel human hybrids.

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Predator-like Massive Nephilim Skull & Bones for 12 Ft Giant with Tusk Molars Found Near Prescott Arizona per 1911 Newspaper. Metallic Weapons & an Ancient Fort for the Giant also Found.

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Giant Human Skeleton, over 31 Feet Long with legs 10 Feet Long, unearthed in the village of Pantiha in India in 1934 per old New Zealand Newspaper

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HORNS ON SKULL of Giant Nephilim Skeleton Found Near Muncie Indiana per 1905 Minneapolis Newspaper. Several Similar Ones Also Found. Horned Giants Part 2

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Hunters find a GIANT SKELETON in a Cave with giant weapons & a stone tablet with animal drawings INCLUDING A PROBABLE DINOSAUR drawing “monster half beast, half reptile” just 80 miles from Manhattan NY per Minneapolis 1902 Newspaper

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