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“Bones of Giants Are Dug Up Near Paris” France per Washington D.C. 1918 Newspaper. Skulls were Oval Shaped, Bones of Gigantic Proportions & Teeth like a Horse

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Stone Age City & Giant Human Skeletons Found in a Mound with nearby Pre-historic animal bones INCLUDING ONES OF PROBABLE DINOSAURS by a Princeton College Party in Montana per Minneapolis 1903 Newspaper. Stone Implements were ornamented with gems!

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1600s Empress of Austria Rounds up the living Giants and Dwarfs in her empire. Turns out the Giants were Terrified of the Dwarfs and their impish Tricks

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More proof Islam is probably demonic influenced, often violent, Christian-hating & Jew-hating false religion: An 1876 Newspaper telling of the Muslim Ottoman Turk Slaughter of thousands of Christians in Batak Bulgaria, mostly women and children, and most in a Church and School

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BIGFOOT, a giant Indian Chief of the Ohio River Wyandottes, is killed by a pale-face athletic Adam Poe after an hour of fighting per 1867 Memphis TN Newspaper

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18 Foot Petrified Nephilim Skeleton Discovered by a Farmer building a cellar in Ohio near Pittsburg PA per 1900 Canton OH Newspaper. The Skeleton alone Weighed 383 pounds. It was sent to the Smithsonian.

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Besides megaliths on Easter Island suggesting giants built them, rumors of giant remains cause an expedition from England to Easter Isle per 1912 St. Paul Newspaper

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