Catacomb of Massive Nephilim Skeletons–25+ Feet?–with Vampire-like sharp Teeth & 1 inch thick skulls Found Near Weldon NC during Railroad Construction per Washington D.C. 1874 Newspaper. Femur Bones were 8-9 Feet. Book of Enoch says Hybrid Giants drank human blood



The writer of the article may have made a mistake in that the skeletons were 8-9 feet tall instead of the femur bone being that size.  The reason why is because the teeth were as the size of  horses’ teeth but if the skeleton was over 25 feet tall, necessary if the femur bone was 8.5 feet in length, then you might expect the teeth to be even larger than horse’s teeth.  Regardless, seeing a nine foot giant vampire creature weighing several hundred pounds would be quite an eerie sight.  If you laugh at the idea of a 25-35 foot skeleton, keep in mind that a 32 foot skeleton was found in Mexico (see my blog article on that) and giants that size or larger have been found in Europe.  One of my blog articles mentions that giants in the 30 foot range may have roamed North America and a…

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~ by zamzummim on June 9, 2014.

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