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Nephilim Skeleton over 20 Feet in Length with Molars 11 inches long & six inches across discovered in Texas per Somerset PA 1875 Newspaper

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A Race of Living Cannibal Giants, Many over 7 Feet, Found on an Island in the Gulf of California in Mexico per Sumter SC 1894 Newspaper & a 1901 Encyclopedia. The Discoverer Photographed one & the giants were confirmed by US & Mexican Explorers.

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Exhibitor Displays Mummy of a Giant at Coney Island in 1898 per NY newspaper. First to pay War Tax

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Picture of a partial display in the Nevada State Museum about the Red-Haired Cannibal Giants called Saiduka of Northern Nevada & South Central Oregon

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Abraham Lincoln Famous Quote About Giants whose skeletons at the time of Lincoln filled the tens of thousands of mounds across North America

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Well-known Christian Author, Ellen Traylor, in her historical fiction book about Nephilim Giants & the Flood, called Noah, Writes that Nephilim hybrids are redeemable but difficult. Zamzummim Author agrees & countered a pastor who said they cannot be saved.

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Evangelist Perry Stone video on Giants, Fallen Angels and Evil Spirits (Demons) He agrees with Zamzummim

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