Well-known Christian Author, Ellen Traylor, in her historical fiction book about Nephilim Giants & the Flood, called Noah, Writes that Nephilim hybrids are redeemable but difficult. Zamzummim Author agrees & countered a pastor who said they cannot be saved.


Traylor1 Press to buy on Amazon.  Although Zamzummim disagrees with the Ellen Gunderson Traylor’s position that fallen angels are demons (more about this in a later blog), Zamzummim highly recommends this book.  Not much of a fiction reader, I could not put this one down when I read it years ago.

Traylor2Author, Ellen Gunderson Traylor’

So you don’t think I am lying, here are screenshots of just two pages detailing the Ellen Gunderson Traylor’s viewpoint that hybrid Nephilim are redeemable in her non-fiction novel format.  Zamzummim agrees with her and disagrees with many, including pastors, who teach hybrids cannot be saved.   If that were the case, why did God, Yahweh, let them live especially into old age?  In fact, DNA studies reveal that a good percentage of the human race may be hybridized, especially if you believe Cro-Magnon man was a hybrid and that Haplogroup X (mtDNA) is the DNA of a hybrid since their DNA has spread globally.  More about…

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~ by zamzummim on July 13, 2014.

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