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Thousands of Giant Neanderthal-like Ape-like probable hybrid human Skeletons WITH Squirrel-like TAILS unearthed in Mexico after breaking ground for a large coffee plantation per 1891 Roanoke VA Newspaper. They appeared to be in a giant battle. Skeletons were sent to the British Museum and the Smithsonian

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Gorilla-like Giant 9 foot Nephilim Skeleton with Skull containing Two Rows of Teeth Found near Bowling Green, Ohio per 1902 Witchita KS Newspaper

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Vampire-like Dog-Toothed 8 Foot Giant Nephilim Skeleton with a Skull of “a Peculiar Shape” Found Near Kansas City per Washington D.C. 1902 Newspaper. Truth is Weirder than Fiction. As in the Wizard of Oz, we are not in Kansas Anymore

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50 Giant Skeletons, all over 7 Feet long, Found After a Landslide into the Tennessee River West of Nashville per 1873 Nashville Newspaper. The location is now under a Reservoir.

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One Giant Human Skeleton and nearly 50 dwarfs found in a gravel pit in North Western South Dakota per 1906 Las Vegas Newspaper. Lewis & Clark was warned about Killer Dwarfs in this area on their Famous Journey

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A Nigerian Living Giant, a Boko Haram Muslim Terrorist, is shown slicing the head off of a Christian. Bent over, he is nearly as tall as the standing Mohammedans.

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Giant Skeleton with tusk-like 3 inch long teeth and 2x size skull found in Arizona per old newspaper

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