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Colossal Nephilim Giant & Giantess Skeletons Found in Ohio Mounds. Man was Wearing Bear Teeth & Pearl Necklace, Copper Armor & Copper Helmet w/carved Antlers per Helena Montana Newspaper 1891

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Devil-like Horns & Tail on Dwarf Human Skeleton with Four Fingers Found near Wheeling WV per New Orleans 1917 Newspaper

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Giant Skeletons Dug Up in Michigan Mounds with strange writing on Caskets per 1895 Newspaper. A Doctor Confirmed One Skeleton was 11 Feet Tall.

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Ellensburg (Gold Beach) Oregon Giant Skeleton Part B. 1912 Klamath Falls, OR Newspaper has more details and states two Giant Skeletons were found

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Giant Nephilim Skeletons Found in a Cave in Montana per Burlington VT 1899 Newspaper

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Pics of a Group of Giant Cannibals of an Amazon White Indian Tribe & a necklace made up of fingers per Washington D.C. 1920 Newspaper. Are they hybrids? Where did their white ancestors come from? Were they in the Americas first?

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Hundreds of Giant Human Skeletons Unearthed near Carthage IL at the Sweeny Mounds per Dodge City KS 1891 Newspaper

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