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12 Foot Tall living Savage Giant on coast of Brazil seen by Naturalist per 112 year old Ontario Newspaper. Descriptions of other Global Giants–skeleton or living–Also Given

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Giants Skeletons with Archaic Neanderthal-like skulls Found in a Mound in Wisconsin per NY Times 1912

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Sloped Foreheads: Global fashion to make heads look like giants? The Chinook tribe of North America is one of many who did Cranial Deformation

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Two Rows of Teeth on some of the hundreds of skeletons with queer skulls found in N. Carolina & S. Dakota per 1883 New York newspaper. Appeared to be a similar battle at the time of moundbuilders, hundreds of miles apart by similar freakish people

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1837 Sketch of the Giant Skeleton in Brass Armor, unearthed in MA in 1832, the basis of Henry W. Longfellow’s Famous Poem “Skeleton in Armor”

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Bulky Dwarf Skeleton with 2 inch Horns & Strange Wide Teeth on Skull Found Near Pendleton Oregon per 1903 Richmond VA Newspaper

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16 Giant Human Moundbuilder Skeletons found in East St. Louis according to 1908 San Francisco Newspaper. The Ferguson riot occured near there or on them

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