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Full-grown Ituri Forest Pygmies in 1928 in the Belgian Congo, now Zaire, with filmmakers Martin & Osa Johnson

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Interesting Yahoo comments: Person goes into NYC Library to do research on an ancient artifact and up comes numerous articles about finds of giant skeletons with elongated skulls. Another says Neanderthals were nothing but pre-flood and post-flood hybrid giants

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Vampire-Toothed 12-15 Ft Nephilim Giant Skeleton with large Sea-shell Earings Found Near Tucson Arizona in 1921. The Massive Skull bone was 1 inch thick.

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Mormons & Nephilim Giants Part 1: Mormon Team Claims to Unearth a Giant Skeleton & relics & city ruins in Southern Mexico to try and Confirm Mormon Beliefs. Even more difficult will be trying to Confirm the Planet Kolob, where our spirits supposedly come from

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Steve Quayle & Timothy Alberino on Giants, Fallen Angels & Demons. Quayle believes the Nephilim are the Sons of God while the Rephaim are the Giants. Most believe the Nephilim were the original giants.

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Bones of an 11 foot skeleton found in Winnemucca Nevada per St. Paul Globe Newspaper 1904. A Doctor Confirmed the Bone Size

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Old 1871 North Otago New Zealand Newspaper says finds of giant human Skeletons necessitates a change in the theory of evolution. The Article Mentions Giant Skeletal finds in California, 7.5 Feet, and Indiana, 12 Feet.

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