Jesuit Missionary Meets a Race of White Living Giants in Northern Alaska per 1907 Washington D.C. Newspaper. As a famous Linguist, he quickly learned their Language



Location of Nome Alaska Location of Nome Alaska

AlaskaWhitegiants2 Northern Alaska where Father Barnum may have met the White Giant Indians

The following about Father Barnum, Missionary to Alaska, is from the Website:

Reverend Francis Barnum, S.J., was a compiler, together with Eben Lewis Barnum, of the Genealogical Record of the Barnum Family. After attending Loyola School in Baltimore and Georgetown College in Washington, D.C., Fr. Barnum joined the Society of Jesus. Circumstances warranted his withdrawal from the novitiate shortly thereafter but, after a period of time spent traveling throughout the world, he rejoined the Society in 1880. Following his ordination, Fr. Barnum was sent to Alaska, where he spent the better part of the 1890s. While there, he accumulated knowledge of Inuit, a native Alaskan language now know as Central Yup’ik. In 1901, he published a grammar of Inuit, titled “Grammatical Fundamentals of the Inuit Language as Spoken by the Eskimo of the…

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