Mormons & Nephilim Giants Part 1: Mormon Team Claims to Unearth a Giant Skeleton & relics & city ruins in Southern Mexico to try and Confirm Mormon Beliefs. Even more difficult will be trying to Confirm the Planet Kolob, where our spirits supposedly come from







Mormons may be correct that Semitic people from the Middle East made it to the Americas by boat, but it was probably Phoenicians with a mix of humans and hybrid giants and dwarfs, all into the occult.  Mormons would do well to not create and follow a religion based on hybrid Nephilim Giants, dwarfs and and non-hybrid humans into occultic mysticism.  Evangelical Chrisitianity would do well to move out of their little box with false-doctrines such as Nephilim as human ‘fallen-ones,’ or demons can’t invade Christians, or rejection of the four personality types, or rejection of inner healing for things like DID/SRA, or remarriage as wonderful instead of reconciliation or chastity, or demons can’t be anything other than fallen angels, or all-things-predestined Calvinism, or anti-pre-trib rapture beliefs, etc.

The author of Zamzummim had to apologize to Mormons for the lack of love emanating from presuppositional 5-point Calvinists after a confusing debate.  , After the circular…

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~ by zamzummim on January 23, 2015.

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