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Theutobochus Rex, a Nephilim 25.5 foot Giant Skeleton of a King Found on Jan 11, 1613 near a Castle in Daufine in France in the ‘Giant’s Field’ in a massive brick tomb per 1874 Nashville TN Newspaper

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Olaf, the 9 Foot Caucasian Viking Mummy Found in Northern Minnesota in 1878 per Seattle Newspaper in 1918. Olaf was said to have been Leif Ericson’s Right Hand Man. Whites & Giants in Early America part 1

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Teenage Exorcists do spiritual warfare curse renouncing in Mexico via YouTube video including generational curses back to Adam & Eve. Since many humans maybe infected with Nephilim DNA, Christians should also renounce any possible severe Nephilim bloodline curses

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Bill Clinton puts on his inner Scientist & repeats findings many or most are 1 to 4% Neanderthal including himself, Hillary & Chelsea or in other words most of us may be Borged with Nephilim DNA [As in the Days of Noah]

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Near Sacramento & Lake Tahoe, Neanderthal-like Skeletons with massive Jaws found in a huge cave with its own lake per 1910 CA newspaper. Article says they pre-dated American Indians. More proof Neanderthals were probably Nephilim Giants

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Nine Foot Nephilim Skeleton Unearthed in Brunswick Georgia per Hillsboro Ohio Newspaper in 1892

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