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Curacao, a beatiful Venezuelan Isle was named “Isle of the Giants” by the Spanish as explorer Amerigo Vespucci & his crew met living giants there. A plot to kidnap three giant women was foiled when the giant men arrived.

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Enormous Cone-head skull of Caracus Peru Youtube Video. Lost History Revealed. Hundreds have been found there.

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The Giant Ogah-Ogah’s of Bali, a tourist hot-spot Island in Indonesia. Bali Folklore tells of Giants with horns and fangs who are also evil spirits

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Nephilim skull & skeleton found in Sanora area of Mexico with a pic and video. Youtube title says Alien Skull for the coming UFO Bible prophetic deception

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Video of Two SIX INCH Mummies found in Atacama Desert of Peru Area. Pics of Mr. Ripley of Ripley’s Believe it or Not holding one. They are likely hybrids like the Nephilim Giants

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Several Giant Mummies 8 to 9 feet tall found by a Doctor near Laughlin NV South of Las Vegas per 1947 Milwaukee Newspaper. Masonic-like symbols found near them. London Expert who excavated Petra Jordan came to examine them.

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Human Eaten by a Dinosaur? Human Skeleton Found inside a Monster Skeleton in the Peoria Indian Nation of Oklahoma per Nebraska 1877 Newspaper. We’ve been lied to; Man lived with giant prehistoric animals

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