Curacao, a beatiful Venezuelan Isle was named “Isle of the Giants” by the Spanish as explorer Amerigo Vespucci & his crew met living giants there. A plot to kidnap three giant women was foiled when the giant men arrived.


Excerpt from the book:  The Suppressed History of America (see more information further below)

Amerigo, for whom one-third of the world would later be named [zamzummim disagrees here, and believes America was named after the South American plumed serpent god Amaru–see earlier blog], wrote about the giants he encountered on the modern-day island of Curacao.

Recounting the experience, Vespucci wrote, “We landed to see if we could find fresh water, and imagining that the island was not inhabited because we saw not people.  Going along the shore, we beheld very large footprints of men on the sand.  And we judged if their other members were of the same size, that they must be very big men.”

CuracaoVespucci2 beautiful beach on the island of Curacao

As Vespucci and his men ventured inot the island jungle he writes “We discovered a trail and set ourselves to walk on it two leagues and a half inland…

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