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The Book of Enoch (Giants mentioned at 6:55)- Book 01 – Book of The Watchers (Synchronized Text) Youtube Video

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Living Indian Giant, 9 Feet 10 Inches tall, Travels from Bolivia for display in the 1893 World’s Fair per Kinsley KS 1893 Newspaper. The Ancient City of Tiwanaku, belived to be built by Giants, is in Bolivia

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Dwarf Skeletons, one only 30 Inches Tall with the SKULL OF A GIANT Unearthed by Waves Near Port Angeles, WA per New York 1891 Newspaper.

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Giants, Super Soldiers, and the Days of Noah – Steve Quayle & Tim Alberino Youtube Video. Quayle mentions the secular agenda to push UFO aliens instead of Biblical fallen angels responsible for hybrids like giants

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16 Giant Human Moundbuilder Skeletons found in East St. Louis according to 1908 San Francisco Newspaper. The Ferguson riot occured near there or on them

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Real Flying Dinosaur, a Pterosaur or Pterodactyl, over Boise Idaho USA Youtube Video?

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8 Foot Skeleton Dug Up in Oyster Shell Strata at Harsimus NJ near New York per Lewisburg PA 1850 Newspaper. The Skull was 2 feet in circumference

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