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Creepy: 10 human skeletons of normal size but with possible archaic skulls, male & female & children, found in a SKULL-SHAPED MOUND in Canonsburg OH per Pittsburgh PA 1933 Newspaper. 49 Giants skeletons found nearby in a different Mound in Elrama PA. The 10 were burned possibly alive on stone slabs by the Giants. Canonsburg/Elrama Part C

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Canonsburg/Elrama Part D: Three more Skeletons Found at Canonsburg SKULL-SHAPED mound per Pittsburgh PA 1933 Newspaper. All 13 Skeletons believed to be lower-class people brought from all over to be interred on burning stones

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Large Human Skeleton with Massive Jaw and Large Teeth found in Ngaruawahia New Zealand per Auckland 1913 Newspaper

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Watch human skull with Horns on youtube video. Horned skulls have been found globally usually on Nephilim giants and hybrid dwarfs

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Watch “The Chinese pyramids and the white Giant Mummies Are considered a national secret in China!” on YouTube

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More on the Giant Skeletons Found in Ellensburg WA per Yakima WA 1912 Newspaper. Skulls were Neanderthal-like with one very large one with two rows of teeth.

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Gigantic Seven Foot Skeleton with massive proportions found in a mound in West Virginia per 1908 Newspaper. President Abraham Lincoln said the moundbuilders were a race of giants

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