Dorset Giants of Northern Canada: Canadian Poet wrote a poem about them.


Canadian poet Al Purdy wrote a poem entitled “Lament for the Dorsets” which starts “Animal bones and some mossy tent rings… all that remains of Dorset giants, who drove the Vikings back to their longships…” This poem laments the loss of their culture and describes them and their end.

Remains of a Dorset stone longhouse in Cambridge Bay, Nunavut

The Dorset culture (also called the Dorset Tradition) was a Paleo-Eskimo culture (500 BCE–1500 CE) that preceded the Inuit culture in ArcticNorth America. It is named after Cape Dorset in Nunavut, Canada where the first evidence of its existence was found.

The decline of the Dorset Culture people – 900 to 1500 CE


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