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Massive Giant Human Petrified Skeletons found in Grand Canyon by an Oakland archeologist per 1923 Newspaper. Archeologist claims the giant human footprints found in Carson City NV and La Brea CA motivated him.

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Adding Proof to Noah’s Flood, Nephilim Giants & a Satanic Origin of hating Whitey & Cannibalism: 1891 Book says American Indian Tribes, like the Bible, tell of Giants killed in a Flood by the Deity. Later a False Christ via Indian false prophets/shamans hope the same fate for the white race & are told to dance to fulfill it, hence the Origin of the ‘Ghost Dance’ aka ‘Dance to Christ.’ In one dance, during a trance, a spirit tells a man he is a Buffalo & must be eaten or others will turn to dogs. The true Christ, Jesus, loves all from all races & probably looked like a mix.

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More proof Islam is probably demonic influenced, often violent, Christian-hating & Jew-hating false religion: An 1876 Newspaper telling of the Muslim Ottoman Turk Slaughter of thousands of Christians in Batak Bulgaria, mostly women and children, and most in a Church and School

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Pygmie & Dwarf Skeletons Found in Egyptian Necropoli, in Greek & Roman Stauary, in Frescoes of Pompeii, in vases of Roman Gaul & pre-historic Sepulchres & neolithic ones in Switzerland per Falls City NE 1904 Newspaper

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University of Arizona Archeologists Unearth 8 Foot Skeletons near Duncan Arizona, part of “A Race of Enormous men who once roamed the Southwest” per Harlington TX 1930 Newspaper

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Giant Human Skeleton, at least Eight Feet Tall, found near San Leandro CA per 1916 Newspaper. Several miles away is Mount Diablo or Mountain of the Devil. Bones go to the University of California probably nearby Berkeley, and then Vanish

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Famous Quote about Giants by Buffalo Bill aka William F. Cody and How they could tear apart a live moving Buffalo to eat it

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