More proof Islam is probably demonic influenced, often violent, Christian-hating & Jew-hating false religion: An 1876 Newspaper telling of the Muslim Ottoman Turk Slaughter of thousands of Christians in Batak Bulgaria, mostly women and children, and most in a Church and School




After reading of this horrific massacre by Muslims against Christians, it will become apparent the Obama is not keeping the USA or Western world safe, hence the need to impeach him as soon as possible.  He talks about battling extremism, neither he nor Hillary Clinton will say Islamic extremism, but both fit the mold of left-wing extremists in cahoots with Islam, a violent political religious ideology that wants to enslave or kill non-believers of Islam also known as infidels, together with a desire for world domination.  More evil than Islam is new age occultism whose tentacles reach nearly everywhere on the globe.  The Obama’s and Clinton’s embrace the pro-Islamic new age worldview.  Now here are two videos giving more information about the Islamic invasion of Bulgaria and the massacre at Batak.

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~ by zamzummim on November 17, 2015.

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