Adding Proof to Noah’s Flood, Nephilim Giants & a Satanic Origin of hating Whitey & Cannibalism: 1891 Book says American Indian Tribes, like the Bible, tell of Giants killed in a Flood by the Deity. Later a False Christ via Indian false prophets/shamans hope the same fate for the white race & are told to dance to fulfill it, hence the Origin of the ‘Ghost Dance’ aka ‘Dance to Christ.’ In one dance, during a trance, a spirit tells a man he is a Buffalo & must be eaten or others will turn to dogs. The true Christ, Jesus, loves all from all races & probably looked like a mix.



Without knowing the Bible, various Indian tribes believed like the Bible that a great Deity destroyed many giants in a massive Flood. After receiving messages from the spirit world, they hoped a similar fate for the white race and were told to fast & dance for days to bring it to pass.  Indians often died in these rigorous trance-induced dances.  This image is from an 1891 wood engraving.


….more coming soon


~ by zamzummim on November 21, 2015.

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