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Judge Graham of the U.S. Patent Court of Appeals Finds Giant Human Skull with Massive Brain Capacity per 1938 Fredricksburg VA Newspaper. Skull, believed by Indians to be from a super race of humans called the Susquehannock, was given to the Smithsonian & as usual went missing.

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Inspirational Christian techno trance worship music to inspire Christians interested in giantology Evangelism, related spiritual warfare, helping others & making their own Christian Trance music. God loves all, even giants

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Eight Giant Skeletons, Most 6.5 Feet or Taller, Unearthed on Goat Island Near San Francisco per Salt Lake City UT 1899 Newspaper

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Famous Poet Henry W. Longfellow’s Poem ‘Skeleton in Armor’ is about an ancient giant skeleton found with brass armor per Washington D.C. 1911 Newspaper.

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More pictures from Antwerp Belgium named after the Giant Antigoon and his hand which was thrown in the nearby river after he cut hands off of normal sized humans

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Prehistoric Dwarf races aka Pygmies covered much of Europe says a German Archeologist per 1903 Auckland New Zealand Newspaper. Numerous little people skeletons have been found especially in the Silesia region

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Giant Neanderthal-like Skull and Skeleton found in a Mound north of Omaha Nebraska per 1907 Newspaper

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