Video: Giant Expert Rob Skiba rejects the multiple incursion theory. Some comments on Youtube rejecting his theory

Here are some comments rejecting his multiple incursion theory:

Jude Tells us that Angel-Human mating continued after the Flood…
we are told in the book of ecclesiastic. There is nothing new under the sun. what was, will be again.
Thank you; interesting info. Scripture states in GEN 6 and 7 that GOD found Noah and his family to have… “found Grace before GOD. And these are the generations of Noah. Noah was a just man; being perfect in his generation. Noah was well-pleasing to GOD. And Noah begot three sons, Shem, Ham, and Japheth….. And GOD said to Noah, enter thou and all thy family into the ark, for thee have I seen righteous before me in this generation…” GOD would not have brought Judgment to the world through the Flood, destroying all except 8 souls, and allowed tainted DNA to board the ark through Noah’s children or their wives. GOD’S purpose for the Flood would have been defeated before it happened. Scripture does tell us what happened after the Flood and how humanity once again became corrupted (DNA manipulation). In GEN 9 we read that Canaan was cursed by Noah, and in GEN 10 we read that Cush, the son of Ham, “BEGOT NIMROD; HE BEGAN TO BE A GIANT UPON THE EARTH. HE WAS A GIANT HUNTER BEFORE THE LORD GOD; THEREFORE THEY SAY, AS NIMROD THE GIANT HUNTER BEFORE THE LORD. AND THE BEGINNING OF HIS KINGDOM WAS BABYLON…” {Septuagint} Through the line of Ham, specifically Ham’s grandson Nimrod, somehow humanity once again had their DNA tampered with, and Nimrod BEGAN TO BE A GIANT. Nimrod did not start out as a giant but became one. Nimrod, besides becoming a giant hunter, he was a builder of great cities. The first city Nimrod built was Babylon, where the Tower of Babel was erected, so evidently Nimrod became involved with the dark powers, fallen angels that changed his DNA to become a mighty man, and once again humanity became corrupted – through the line of Ham. After the Messiah came 2000 years ago there was no longer need to have a set-apart line to bring Christ Jesus to earth, so humanity now can be assured that it carries manipulated DNA of some sort or another, besides what originally happened in the Garden of Eden. Christ Jesus is the only Way to become restored back to our Heavenly Father; being Born From Above (Born Again) and becoming His new Creation, our duality becoming One in Christ Jesus..Christ Jesus came for several reasons, one of them being He was on a DNA rescue mission.

~ by zamzummim on January 28, 2016.

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