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The Legend of Paea The Giant of the Cook Islands video. A woman descended from the Giant Warrior tells the story of his wife who killed him for his philandering and shows his massive grave.

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Exorcist Bob Larson, who is likely a New Testament Apostle emphasizing setting people free, claims to have exorcised demons who called themselves spirits of the Nephilim although he still believes demons are fallen angels. He answers more questions about Nephilim hybrids, i.e. Giants. Zamzummim agrees & disagrees with some answers.

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American Cliff Dwellers were dwarfs according to 1923 Lewiston Newspaper. Other research shows they were Nephilim Giants as well as hybrid dwarfs who killed normal sized humans

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Boys digging in an Earth Mound in 1882 Uncover a giant Human Skeleton over Nine Feet Tall with a Massive Skull near Manchester Ohio per old Maysville KY Newspaper.

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In 2012, Bones of Four 10 Foot Giants Found in Rahim Hills Kalar of Iraq (YouTube Video). Also found nearby was a stone carving depicting a giant killing smaller humans

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1,500 Pound Massive Human Skeleton Found in Alabama Per very old 1845 Newspaper. It must have been Petrified, over 20 feet tall & a scientist confirmed it.

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James Bond 007’s Spectre epic movie beginning & Mexico City’s Day of the Dead Celebration which may have its origin in the finds of Giant Human Skeletons

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