Two Gorilla-headed Human Nephilim Skeletons with complex weapons Found in Santa Barbara California per 1923 Newspaper. Did they influence the Planet of the Apes shows? Lucifer Helps Genetically create Ape-like Neanderthal Men, then dupes the world to believe in evolution & later will dupe most to worship him



When alive, the two Nephilim skeletons found in Santa Barbara likely resembled General Ursus on the Planet of the Apes



General Ursus speech saying ‘The Only Good Human is a Dead Human’ something you would expect from a heavily Nephilimized individual

Short Clip from The Planet of the Apes movie series


Planet of the Apes
Creator Pierre Boulle
Original work La Planète des Singes
Print publications
Novels La Planète des Singes
Comics List of comics
Films and television
Films Original series


Reboot series

Television series Planet of the Apes
Return to the Planet of the Apes
Video games Planet of the Apes



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