The Legend of Paea The Giant of the Cook Islands video. A woman descended from the Giant Warrior tells the story of his wife who killed him for his philandering and shows his massive grave.

Here is the story written out as told by a female ancestor of the giant Paea of the Cooke Islands in the Pacific Ocean.

Paea The Giant:  Puta’i Kairae

This is the grave of an ancestor of mine called Paea. That rock marks where his head is. the small rock marks where his feet are. These two calcite rocks mark the length of his grave. He was a giant.  You can believe it or not. This man lived on this side of the island in the district of Tukume. He liked to go fishing via the route of Anua. There is a chestnut tree there, which he liked to lean on when he returned from his fishing trips.  you can see that the branch he leaned on was very high.  However, this story is not commonly told because the people of the island are ashamed about the way in which he died. He was killed by his wife. He died by a woman’s hand although he was a warrior. This was a shameful thing. So, everyone,  I am saying that women, since ancient times, have always been capable of asserting themselves. Some will say that women only acquired this confidence in modern times, that they learned it.  I say they have always had it. This man was a warrior yet he was defeated by a woman. Like some men of today, Paea was a philanderer.  Although he is an ancestor of mine. , I am not ashamed to talk about his life. His adultery caused his wife a lot of heartache. One day she went to a taunga, shaman, to ask him for a way to end her pain. He told her what to do. One day she let her husband rest his head on her lap while she took lice out of his hair.  He fell into a deep sleep. She picked up a tui, a short sharp weapon, and she stabbed him under the jaw.  That is why he died. A woman killed him. This is the short story of this place.  As I said previously if you accept that he was a giant then you can, if not, you don’t have to.

Wow this story has some similarities to Judith killing and beheading the giant Holofernes in the Apocryphal Bible book The Book of Judith.  You go girls.  What’s wrong with being confident?  Maybe Demi Lovato descended from the wife of the giant Paea?




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