Old video of John Podesta, a progressive Catholic & Chairman of Hillary Clinton’s 2016 Presidential Campaign pushing for UFO Disclosure (& possible release of Giant skeletons not destroyed) which will likely catalyze a global Evangelical Christian persecution


Here are some interesting related comments from a viewer to one of LA Marzuli’s videos:

Most people in church have no idea what Genesis 6:4 means. They have never heard of Chuck Missler, Tom Horn, L.A. Marzuli or Steve Quayle. They are completely clueless and unaware of the dangers of UFO Disclosure. Meanwhile the Police State continues to build and surround the Christian Bubbles they live in. I really hope a rapture event does occur. A John Podesta UFO Disclosure World is going to be a nightmare for those who call Space Aliens fallen angels and demonic spirits. (FEMA camps, NDAA, etc..) Now that Evangelical Pat Robertson has stated that Space Aliens don’t exist because God wouldn’t allow it, he will probably see one land on the front lawn of the 700 club just to make a point. I don’t live in fear but were…

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~ by zamzummim on September 18, 2016.

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