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Dec 30 2016 AFP news: “The caves that prove Neanderthals were cannibals” zamzummim blog believes Neanderthals were simply hybrid Nephilim or Rephaim who were often cannibals

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20 giant Nephilim human skeletons, ALL 20 FEET OR LONGER, were found in a prehistoric town on the shore of Lake Ontario near Rochester NY per Morristown TN 1880 Newspaper.

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Boys digging in an Earth Mound in 1882 Uncover a giant Human Skeleton over Nine Feet Tall with a Massive Skull near Manchester Ohio per old Maysville KY Newspaper.

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Cannibals of Fijii ready to eat their victims including young women from a 105 Year Old Photograph from a San Francisco Newspaper. Right after the photo, Most Cannibals were shot dead. The first Christian missionaries there encountered a cannibal giant king & his giant son who converted. This pic alone destroys multiculturalism aka cultural relativism.

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Rephaim means Giant & Spirit or Ghost according to Encyclopedia Judaica. Pagan Phoenician King Tabnit of Sidon & another pagan King Eshmunazar curse those who disturb their tombs with Rephaim spirits, the likely carriers of curses who linger on earth after death. Christians have power to renounce & break curses & bind & send demons (Rephaim Spirits?) to the pit.

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Origin of Demons According to Bishop Tom Brown and they are tied to giants and other hybrids.

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1860, Two Giant Human Skeletons, one “of enormous size,” were found in France, one near Abbeville & the other at the Rhine & Dussal River Junction per 1860 Emporia KS Newspaper. A German Doctor discovered one causing “quite a flutter” in Germany. Darwin’s Origin of Species was published only one year earlier. These finds alone should have destroyed Darwin’s Hypothesis.

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