zamzummim is one of the tribes of Rephaim Giants in the Bible that lived in the Ammon Jordan area. The name is probably an onomatopoeia in that zamzummim was likely the strange sound the giants made when talking.

I got very interested in giants working as an engineer in the Pacific North West. My attractive girlfriend at the time manifested demons one night and it sounded like I was talking to big dumb male or mostly male giants within her using her vocal cords. To make a long story short, the demons left her, and it felt like a few left me too, and apparently they went into a tree since I didn’t command them to go to the pit. The large tree suddenly died outside of her window and had to be chopped down. A few years later, I moved to Hawaii hoping she would follow and we would get married. That didn’t work out. Another long story. Suffice to say, I traveled around the country to learn about spiritual warfare and exorcisms and UFOs and the Bible. While in Roswell NM at a Christian UFO conference, I met Dr. Michael Heiser who gave a scholarly lecture describing how the Jews, early Christians and other from the Middle East area taught that demons, devils, ghosts, et.al. are the souls of the Nephilim or Rephaim. Ok that, made sense to me, I thought, especially with my weird experiences, but there are not enough giants or other hybrids to affect pretty much everyone on the planet or so I thought. Then I decided to research to get an idea how many giant and other hybrid skeletons have been found and to my amazement, pretty much every several square miles of the planet, even small Islands in the middle of the Pacific, have evidence of giants and dwarfs and other human hybrids. I also learned that nearly all the early Christian church leaders taught that demons, devils, ghosts are the souls of these hybrids. Hence the reason for this blog to help humanity understand true history and fix health and mental problems through spiritual warfare.



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