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Divine Council Intro & Worldview short videos with Dr. Heiser. The Divine Council Motif of the Bible, which includes Nephilim Giants & their origin, likely supersedes Dispensationalism or Covenant Theology (zamzummim is Dispensational because decades of research finds little to no Biblical support for the covenants of Covenant Theology)

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i24 News from Haifa Israel takes a video tour to the Valley of Elah where David fought the giant Goliath

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“A Large Number of human skeletons,” All Giants ranging from Eight feet or taller found on an Indiana Farm in a Mound per 1903 Kansas Newspaper

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Prehistoric graveyard of creepy dwarfs and one giant found near St. Joseph Missouri per 1899 Topeka Newspaper. Skeletons described as “brutes, human but in humane…savages of a lower order.”

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A living cyclops in Oregon in the late 1800s: A Nez Perce child with one eye in the center of his forehead per 1989 Yakima Newspaper

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Where we might get the words ‘grim’ and ‘grimace’ from; from a giant named Grim. pic is from somewhere in the UK. Perhaps a museum, and found in the book Giants Monsters and Dragons by Carol Rose on page 155

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Highway workers in 1902 in North Dakota find one of more giant human skeletons in an artificial mound they thought was a hill. This fits the quote by President Lincoln that the moundbuilders were a race of giants.

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