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13 Foot Nephilim Human Giant Skeleton Found near Elizabethtown, KY in 1850 per old newspaper. A Physician examined the bones. Newspaper Article Quotes Genesis 6:4 in the Bible

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Connection between the Nephilim & Demons and Creepy Clowns and Jesters and drugs like DMT via YouTube channel Understanding Conspiracy (8 Videos)

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Video of a possible true story where 15 foot giants who live underground in Malta may have cannibalized a group of school children who went lost in the underground Hypogeum there. Both the underground maze and the massive neolithic stone structures above are believed to have been built by a race of giants.

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Lynn Marzulli on Coast to Coast am with George Noorey shows pics of two giants found on Catalina Island off of LA that were about nine feet tall and one with six fingers. Marilyn Monroe used to live on Catalina

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Real Naked Menehune Dwarf Pygmie Leprachaun Elf with a club filmed in Sumatra Indonesia from motocross bikers. According to legends, these creatures are dangerous and similar to Nephilim giants

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Photographic Evidence of Nephilim Skeletons in North America. Short Video by Fritz Zimmerman, giant expert. One image shows a very large skull near the roots of a tree in a mound.

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Divine Council Intro & Worldview short videos with Dr. Heiser. The Divine Council Motif of the Bible, which includes Nephilim Giants & their origin, likely supersedes Dispensationalism or Covenant Theology (zamzummim is Dispensational because decades of research finds little to no Biblical support for the covenants of Covenant Theology)

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