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A living cyclops in Oregon in the late 1800s: A Nez Perce child with one eye in the center of his forehead per 1989 Yakima Newspaper

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Where we might get the words ‘grim’ and ‘grimace’ from; from a giant named Grim. pic is from somewhere in the UK. Perhaps a museum, and found in the book Giants Monsters and Dragons by Carol Rose on page 155

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Highway workers in 1902 in North Dakota find one of more giant human skeletons in an artificial mound they thought was a hill. This fits the quote by President Lincoln that the moundbuilders were a race of giants.

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Reasons to believe a race of Giant Human 20-Footers Lived in Arizona per 117 year old newspaper Part 1 of 2. Footprints & a Giant Petrified Man in the Grand Canyon

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Lyn Leahz, Giant researcher, has a video showing a Website that most humans, especially Gentiles are Corrupted with Nephilim DNA with Forensic proof. Fully human Jewish Jesus came to repair our DNA among other reasons. Fritz Zimmerman disagrees with her view that Bigfoot is a Nephilim.

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Giant Neanderthal-like Skull and Skeleton found in a Mound north of Omaha Nebraska per 1907 Newspaper

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“Goliath” Giant-related Song – Steve Taylor, award winning singer songwriter from the 80s, & the Perfect Foil about Christians overcoming the enemy (Ephesians 6)

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