13 Foot Nephilim Human Giant Skeleton Found near Elizabethtown, KY in 1850 per old newspaper. A Physician examined the bones. Newspaper Article Quotes Genesis 6:4 in the Bible

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Rephaim means Giant & Spirit or Ghost according to Encyclopedia Judaica. Pagan Phoenician King Tabnit of Sidon & another pagan King Eshmunazar curse those who disturb their tombs with Rephaim spirits, the likely carriers of curses who linger on earth after death. Christians have power to renounce & break curses & bind & send demons (Rephaim Spirits?) to the pit.

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The Legend of Paea The Giant of the Cook Islands video. A woman descended from the Giant Warrior tells the story of his wife who killed him for his philandering and shows his massive grave.

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Giant Human Skeleton, at least Eight Feet Tall, found near San Leandro CA per 1916 Newspaper. Several miles away is Mount Diablo or Mountain of the Devil. Bones go to the University of California probably nearby Berkeley, and then Vanish

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30 Foot Nephilim Giant Skeleton embedded deep in dirt or rock found on Web that appears not Photoshopped. If real, It clearly died in Noah’s Flood. Forehead of elongated Skull is sloped, common with Giants.

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According to Flemish Folklore, Antwerp Belgium, the diamond capital of the world, is named after a Roman soldier Brabo who cut the hand off of a Giant named Druon Antigoon and threw it into the River Scheldt because the Giant did the same to those refusing to pay a bridge toll

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