Photographic Evidence of Nephilim Skeletons in North America. Short Video by Fritz Zimmerman, giant expert. One image shows a very large skull near the roots of a tree in a mound.

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Reasons to believe a race of Giant Human 20-Footers Lived in Arizona per 117 year old newspaper Part 1 of 2. Footprints & a Giant Petrified Man in the Grand Canyon

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Exorcist Bob Larson, who is likely a New Testament Apostle emphasizing setting people free, claims to have exorcised demons who called themselves spirits of the Nephilim although he still believes demons are fallen angels. He answers more questions about Nephilim hybrids, i.e. Giants. Zamzummim agrees & disagrees with some answers.

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Paiute Indians Near Reno NV say a David-like warrior of their tribe killed a murderous Goliath-like Giant near Pyramid Lake. The Giant’s footprints & Grave are still seen according to an 1891 TN newspaper. The Paiutes may have also killed horned dinosaurs by driving them into the lake.

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TB Joshua, Nigerian NT Christian Prophet, prays deliverance for viewers saying THAT GOLIATH, BE REMOVED while healing & doing exorcisms. Demons via his ministry will at times say they are giants, mermaids, etc.

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Old Poster for Movie, Show or Play called “Watusi” about a tribe of African Congo Giants. Poster says ‘Where Normal Sized Men are Slaves’

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Giants and Noah’s Flood Newspaper article from 1896. It quotes Rabbi Eliezer in the Jewish Talmud, The Targum of Palestine and Patriarchs and Prophets with different versions of the giant Og, one with the giant Lami, all implying the Flood killed many giants

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