13 Foot Nephilim Human Giant Skeleton Found near Elizabethtown, KY in 1850 per old newspaper. A Physician examined the bones. Newspaper Article Quotes Genesis 6:4 in the Bible

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Photographic Evidence of Nephilim Skeletons in North America. Short Video by Fritz Zimmerman, giant expert. One image shows a very large skull near the roots of a tree in a mound.

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Reasons to believe a race of Giant Human 20-Footers Lived in Arizona per 117 year old newspaper Part 1 of 2. Footprints & a Giant Petrified Man in the Grand Canyon

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Rephaim means Giant & Spirit or Ghost according to Encyclopedia Judaica. Pagan Phoenician King Tabnit of Sidon & another pagan King Eshmunazar curse those who disturb their tombs with Rephaim spirits, the likely carriers of curses who linger on earth after death. Christians have power to renounce & break curses & bind & send demons (Rephaim Spirits?) to the pit.

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A 10 Foot Petrified & Agatized Human Giant Mummy Found in a Cave near Victoria British Columbia per Napoleon OH 1885 Newspaper. The Nephilim Giant was Likely Sent to the Smithsonian for Display but as usual went Missing

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Mummy of a 7′ 2″ Giantess from America declared to be the oldest Mummy in Existence from the pre-Flood world time of Noah per 1921 Ardmore OK newspaper. Mummy was on display at a local fair grounds.

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Human Skull with four Horns that predated the Indians Found near Dayton Ohio per 1900 Hillsboro Ohio Newspaper

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